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Established in 1983, Reyker offers a range of bespoke financial services for a wide variety of client types. We specialise in providing dealing, management, custody and administration services.

Financial Institutions and Corporate Clients

Our solutions for institutional clients help alternative fund managers, discretionary managers, fintech firms and other financial institutions take away the administrative hassle and meet complete regulatory compliance so that they can focus on what they do best.

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Financial Advisers

Our investment products and services are designed to assist financial advisers in developing a complete portfolio for their clients.

We can provide a home for your clients' assets, as well as structured products and managed portfolio solutions.

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As per our communication with you earlier this month, you are reminded to provide us with the necessary information relating to MiFID II, in order for us to continue trading securities for you.

Thank you to those clients who have already provided us with this information. For those of you who have not, as of 03 January 2018, we will not be able to buy/sell securities for you until we have received this information.

It’s easiest for you to provide us with the necessary information over the phone so please contact us on 020 7397 2586. Alternatively, you can email us the information to or finally you can send us the information via post to Reyker Securities, 17 Moorgate, London, EC2R 6AR. The applicable information required can be found by downloading the respective forms – see below:

If you are a private individual, or hold authority over another person’s account, please download the applicable form by clicking here

If you are the parent/guardian for a CTF/JISA account, please download the applicable form by clicking here

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 020 7397 2586 or email
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    The KID has arrived

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  • MiFID II Ready

    MiFID II Ready

    Jan 05, 2018

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Important info

    Please click the relevant link below for our MiFID II Frequently      Asked Questions

    - Retail clients FAQ
    - Entities FAQ

Reyker FTSE 100 Super Defensive Kick Out Plan February 2018

view Start Date: 14/02/2018 Maturity Date: 14/02/2024

Reyker FTSE 100 Defensive Supertracker Plan January 2018

view Start Date: 31/01/2018 Maturity Date: 31/01/2024

Reyker FTSE 100 Semi-Annual Defensive Kick Out Plan January 2018

view Start Date: 31/01/2018 Maturity Date: 31/01/2024
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