Established in 1983, Reyker offers a range of bespoke financial services for a wide variety of client types. We specialise in providing dealing, management, custody and administration services.

Financial Institutions and Corporate Clients

Our solutions for institutional clients help alternative fund managers, discretionary managers, fintech firms and other financial institutions take away the administrative hassle and meet complete regulatory compliance so that they can focus on what they do best.

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Financial Advisers

Our investment products and services are designed to assist financial advisers in developing a complete portfolio for their clients.

We can provide a home for your clients' assets, as well as structured products and managed portfolio solutions.

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  • Don’t let volatility disrupt your ISA

    Don’t let volatility disrupt your ISA

    Apr 04, 2018

    Don’t let recent market volatility disrupt your investment options this ISA season. If you invest in Reyker’s new FTSE 100 Fixed Monthly Income Plan May 2018 you can secure an income of 0.3458% per month ... Read More

  • Happy to help

    Happy to help

    Apr 04, 2018

    We have streamlined our call process which means when you dial 020 7397 2586, you will come through to one of us straight away – no more ‘please press 1 for…” options. ... Read More

  • IF ISA; the facts you need to know

    IF ISA; the facts you need to know

    Apr 04, 2018

    Innovative Finance ISAs (IFISA) are quickly becoming a popular alternative to cash ISAs, offering enhanced returns that investors simply cannot get by leaving their money in a cash ISA or in their bank savings account. ... Read More

  • AIM for the future

    AIM for the future

    Apr 04, 2018

    During 2017 we saw our AIM IHT Portfolio perform very well and despite the recent dip in global equity markets, the AIM market has continued to perform well compared to its larger cousins. ... Read More

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Reyker FTSE 100 Kick Out Plan November 2018

view Start Date: 26/11/2018 Maturity Date: 26/11/2025

Reyker FTSE 100 Super Defensive Kick Out Plan November 2018

view Subscribed Start Date: 15/11/2018 Maturity Date: 17/11/2025

Reyker FTSE 100 Defensive Supertracker Plan October 2018

view Subscribed Start Date: 24/10/2018 Maturity Date: 24/10/2024
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