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Click on the links below to download our forms, terms and other important information in PDF format.

Terms and Conditions

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Reyker Recommended Standard Tariff of Fees and Charges 10 November 2017PDF537.71 KB10 Nov, 2017 Download
Reyker General Terms and Conditions 5 October 2017PDF730.26 KB12 Apr, 2017 Download
Terms and Conditions for Intermediaries January 2016PDF557.93 KB08 Jan, 2016 Download
Supplementary Terms & Conditions for Structured Products 5 April 2015PDF297.23 KB17 Apr, 2015 Download

Account Opening Forms

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Structured Products Application form: for entity clientsPDF111.63 KB28 Dec, 2017 Download
Structured Products Application form: direct and stocks & shares ISA clientsPDF111.41 KB28 Dec, 2017 Download
Execution Only Application form: for ISAPDF110.76 KB20 Dec, 2017 Download
Personal Dealing Account FormPDF168.62 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download
Trustee Dealing Account FormPDF157.96 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download
Corporate Dealing FormPDF150.24 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download
Junior ISA Application FormPDF168.06 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download
Discretionary Management Service FormPDF177.45 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download

Transfer Forms
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
ISA Transfer FormPDF66.30 KB11 Jan, 2018 Download
Child Trust Fund to Junior ISA Transfer AuthorityPDF113.19 KB22 Apr, 2015 Download
Crest Transfer FormPDF256.80 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download
Plan Transfer FormPDF159.14 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download
Personal Dealing Account Transfer FormPDF121.16 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download
Junior ISA Transfer FormPDF122.07 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download
Child Trust Fund Transfer FormPDF121.60 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download

Due Diligence
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Q3 2017 Audit OpinionPDF65.65 KB28 Nov, 2017 Download
Q2 2017 Audit OpinionPDF71.74 KB15 Sep, 2017 Download
Reyker 2016 Annual ReportPDF5.52 MB07 Jul, 2017 Download
Q4 2016 Audit OpinionPDF72.95 KB15 Jun, 2017 Download
Q1 2017 Audit OpinionPDF380.36 KB13 Jun, 2017 Download
Q3 2016 Audit OpinionPDF70.35 KB02 Mar, 2017 Download
Reyker 2015 Annual ReportPDF1.11 MB13 Dec, 2016 Download
Pillar III 26th April 2016PDF618.22 KB04 Apr, 2013 Download
Q2 2016 Quarterly Audit OpinionPDF95.94 KB13 May, 2016 Download
FCA Auditors Opinion September 2015PDF74.12 KB10 Dec, 2015 Download
FCA Auditors Opinion July 2015PDF69.63 KB12 Aug, 2015 Download
Reyker 2014 Annual ReportPDF7.00 MB01 Jul, 2015 Download
FCA Auditors Opinion - March 2015PDF70.75 KB24 Jun, 2015 Download
FCA Auditors Opinion - January 2015PDF68.78 KB27 Mar, 2015 Download
FCA Auditors Opinion - October 2014PDF106.83 KB24 Nov, 2014 Download
FCA Auditors Opinion - July 2014PDF73.06 KB12 Aug, 2014 Download
Reyker 2013 Annual ReportPDF2.87 MB13 May, 2014 Download
FCA Auditors Opinion - April 2014PDF72.11 KB30 Apr, 2014 Download
FCA Auditors Opinion - October 2013PDF69.86 KB30 Apr, 2014 Download
FCA Auditors Opinion - July 2013PDF69.98 KB02 Sep, 2013 Download
Reyker 2012 Annual ReportPDF1.62 MB07 May, 2013 Download
Reyker 2011 Annual ReportPDF3.62 MB04 Apr, 2013 Download

Account Administration

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
W8BEN FormPDF61.09 KB12 Jan, 2018 Download
Early Redemption FormPDF67.45 KB28 Dec, 2017 Download
Structured Product Cancellation FormPDF139.26 KB23 Jun, 2016 Download
Identity requirements Policy 30 July 2015PDF248.69 KB30 Jul, 2015 Download
Feedback FormPDF116.28 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download
Change of Details FormPDF147.93 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download
Appropriateness FormPDF131.43 KB13 Mar, 2015 Download

Important Information

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Reyker Order Execution PolicyPDF356.57 KB16 Jan, 2018 Download
MiFID II Retail Client formPDF382.03 KB29 Nov, 2017 Download
MiFID II CTF_JISA formPDF376.95 KB29 Nov, 2017 Download
LEI InformationPDF335.96 KB06 Nov, 2017 Download
Valuation GuidePDF162.17 KB27 Oct, 2017 Download
FAQ MiFID II -Retail ClientsPDF281.73 KB20 Oct, 2017 Download
MiFID II FAQ - EntitiesPDF297.48 KB20 Oct, 2017 Download
Official Journal of the European UnionPDF296.63 KB20 Oct, 2017 Download
Controlling Person Self Certification FormPDF830.44 KB10 Jul, 2017 Download
Entity Self Certification FormPDF909.79 KB10 Jul, 2017 Download
Reyker Dealing Policy - May 2017PDF521.66 KB24 May, 2017 Download
Conflicts of Interest Policy April 2017PDF136.40 KB03 Apr, 2017 Download
Checking Client Identities Policy - March 2017PDF484.20 KB21 Mar, 2017 Download
FATCA Self Certification Form PDF283.65 KB26 May, 2016 Download
Reyker - FATCA Compliance and Reporting March 2015PDF274.99 KB09 Mar, 2015 Download
A Guide to a Complete ServicePDF703.28 KB15 Sep, 2014 Download
FCA Guidance - Share FraudPDF74.79 KB12 Sep, 2013 Download
Safe Custody - What does it meanPDF527.12 KB04 Apr, 2013 Download