8 year investment term

Underlying index
Linked to the FTSE 100

Potential return
This investment could potentially return a 1.58% quarterly income payment (6.32% potential income per annum)

Income feature
Any potential income is dependent upon the FTSE 100 closing at or above 80% of its starting level on the quarterly observation dates

Kick out feature
This investment could end early. This is possible from the end of year 2 and quarterly thereafter. This will occur if the FTSE 100 closes at or above 105% of its starting level on the relevant quarterly observation dates

65% European

Citigroup Global Markets Funding Luxembourg S.C.A. (A+ rated by S&P, April 2019)

Counterparty bank
Citigroup Global Markets Limited (A+ rated by S&P, April 2019)

Investment deadlines
Electronic transfers: 26 June 2019
ISA transfers: 14 June 2019


Apply online or download our application form and send via post.

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All investments carry risk. Prior to investing in one of our structured investments you need to make sure you fully understand the risks you are taking and accept the level of risk offered by the plan. Having read over the investment brochure, key risks document and the bank's Key Information Document if there are any areas that you are still unsure about, please consult with your financial adviser who should be able to help you.

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