Discretionary Management Service for IFAs

Are your clients looking for their individual equities to be managed in one place?

We can consolidate your client’s assets and actively manage their portfolio, taking care of all the day-to-day decision making. We will report to both you and your client each quarter, provide safe and secure custody whilst relieving you of any administration burden and provide safe and secure custody for your client’s shares.

Whether you are looking for Income or Capital Growth, we start by adopting a traditional top down approach to stock selection, looking at the global view and analysing wider trends. We then conduct bottom-up research focusing on individual companies that match your client’s criteria.

Portfolios are built based on your client’s needs:

  • The capital growth model: invests in a broad range of domestic and international equities within a flexible sector allocation framework. Individual stock criteria are focused on exceptional long-term growth potential and attractive valuations.
  • The Income model: adopts a pragmatic approach by placing an emphasis on higher yielding stocks that offer positive real returns. If required our income models can provide you quarterly income distributions.


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