A Perfect Shock Absorber

by Chris
A Perfect Shock Absorber

Moeen Ali has just taken a hat-trick against South Africa to win the third test match, Neymar is reportedly leaving Barcelona for nearly 200 million euros to PSG and Friends of Princess Diana are urging Channel 4 not to broadcast controversial video tapes of her talking about her troubled marriage to Prince Charles.

The above may be shocking to some people.

The market equally has shocked a lot of advisers and investors. The unpredictability makes investments more difficult.

You don’t want shocks and surprises in your investments. Our structured products will help minimise these. They deliver exactly what they say on the tin, as you don’t want any shocks to your finances.

If your long term view of the FTSE 100 is that it will rise, then why not consider our Reyker FTSE 100 Enhanced Growth Plan - August 2017 as an addition to your portfolio.

This plan offers an enhanced return on any rise on the FTSE 100, over the 6 year period. It  multiplies by 5, any percent rise from its starting level, at the end of the term which is then capped at 68%. Can an ETF FTSE tracker do this? I think not.

Add to this the downside protection, for example the FTSE 100 can fall by 40% (60% European barrier) at maturity and you still get your initial capital back, it looks an attractive proposition.

For more information, call our sales team on 020 7397 2590 or visit current offers page all our current structured products available.