A protein shake for your investments

by C Hale
A protein shake for your investments

‘Investment products on steroids’ is a term I have heard to describe structured products over the years. It is true that we have seen some very obscure ideas in the past. They have gone wrong mainly because they have not been used in the most sensible of ways within a diversified portfolio, and the rate was too good to be true.

As an investor, you should be asking yourself this exact question: “is this too good to be true?” and if the advisor or product provider cannot answer the question as to how the return is determined, then alarm bells should start to ring.

Some product providers shy away from certain products. Not at Reyker. We make sure we provide the right products for suitably-advised clients. We have designed stock based products based on this professional approach.

Currently we have a stock-based income plan that is available for advised clients. I would like to point out that this product is not on steroids, but it does come with a rate that requires you to wear a muscle top whilst using it.

Now most people will use the phrase ‘that is too good to be true’, but is it?

We have designed the product using three blue chip FTSE 100 companies that are popular with many fund managers and investors.

The product can pay up to 3% income per quarter. It is not fixed, but we build conditions in to increase the likelihood of that income being received. Provided all three stocks are at or above a certain level on the quarter end-date – a level much lower than the initial starting level – income will be received for that quarter.

To protect your investment, the worst performing stock can fall 50% and you will still get your money back at the end of the investment term.

If used in the right way, within a diversified portfolio and as a small part of it, you can make a valuable addition to your income needs and boost the yield within your portfolio.

Remember we are the Usain Bolt in the structured products world, not the Justin Gatlin. So, no steroids here. Still think this is ‘too good to be true’? If you want to know more, call us on 020 7397 2592 for further information.