KID - See your investments clearly

by Daniel Ormond
KID - See your investments clearly

Opaque, confusing, unclear! These are terms you have probably used to describe many of the structured investment brochures that are currently on the market.

We’d like to think that is not the case with us, and this is mainly due to Reyker’s principle of producing documents that are brief and easily understood by anyone, not lengthy and full of legal terms and jargon. This principle guided us to adopt the essence of the upcoming PRIIPs regulations early and as such, we feel well positioned for 1st January 2018 when these regulations will apply.

PRIIPs stands for Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products, but what do they mean for you?

Well, first, structured investments will need be explained more clearly. They will also need to be written in plain English and all providers will need to provide a Key Information Document (KID). This KID will be produced by the counterparty banks that manufacture the investment and this document is designed to help you better understand the product. It will also help you to compare products better, and will provide you with information that will enable you to see the investment’s risk and return profile.

We believe that this change should be seen as a positive, as investor interests must always come first. This has always been our approach and unlike many other providers, who will have taken a passive approach to these regulations, we are different. So we have already started looking at integrating the KID with our marketing brochures. It is not fair to you, the customer, if we ignored them until 2018.

Reyker has always prided itself on launching value-added products with impeccable customer service. We have nothing to hide, so why should we fear the PRIIPs regulations? This is one of the many reasons why Reyker has just won the Best Structured Product Service Provider in the Investment Life & Pensions MoneyFacts Awards. However, with this big regulatory change looming, we felt best practice was not to rest on our laurels. Yet another reason why Reyker should be your first choice when it comes to structured investments.