Year of the dog – an alternative investment guide

by James Chu
Year of the dog – an alternative investment guide

Friday was Chinese New Year Day. In an age when all types of statistical models are being criticised, perhaps we can try a different approach – Chinese Feng Shui?

This year is the Year of the Dog. Chinese Feng Shui masters will further check whether this Dog has the gold, wood, water, fire or earth character.

After surveying roughly about 10 Feng Shui masters’ writing on the web, there is a debate on whether we are going into an “Earth Dog” or “Wood Dog”. Yes, they are not very different from those smart economists who over-model for us.

So let me make some recommendations based on these Feng Shui masters’ views. We will see in a year’s time whether my tips are any better than those from well known strategists and fund managers!

What dog are you keeping? Dogs are usually kept as pets and are still kept to guard homes in China. But what kind of dog will you use to protect your investments? Many people invest in so-called defensive funds. But many of them have been stylish chihuahuas, rather than a sturdy St. Bernard that guard your investments. We have such St. Bernard investments at Reyker. Many investors and their advisers choose to use our structured products as more robust and effective protection. We have a few interesting premium structured products being offered at the start of the Year of the Dog. Your adviser can contact our team at for further details.

Earth dog and wood dog? This reminds us of building and constructions. With inflation pressure building up, it is time to consider real assets as part of your long term investments. We are at an inflexion point in the business cycle, and some real asset investments now represent good value. Our real asset strategies are model portfolio services, and can be deployed in SIPP or stocks and shares ISA for advised clients. Your adviser can contact the portfolio team at, or visit our website here for more information.

Look south for investments? According to Feng Shui masters, the evil lord of “Tai Sui” will be hiding in the North West this year. Perhaps it’s time to look south for investments? Markets like Italy and South Africa come to mind. Sounds crazy but maybe political changes mean opportunities? And how about investing in South East Asia as a diversification, when global economy is still powering strong? Our dealing team have access to markets around the world, and they can help you to invest in individual stocks listed in these overseas markets. They can also help you if you want to buy some funds that invest outside the UK. Give them a call at 020 7397 2596.

Don’t let the dog run away!  And lastly, don’t forget there is less than two months before tax year end. If you still have not used all your £20,000 annual ISA allowance, you should act now. All of the above suggestions can be put into your ISA. We will be happy to help if you have your own investment ideas as well. The market has dropped. Act early before the hound speeds off.


Reyker Securities wish everyone a happy Year of the Dog. May all your wishes come true with wealth that keeps growing this year!

James Chu

James Chu

James is Director of the Markets and Investments Team at Reyker. A CFA member and industry expert, James specialises in Structured Products, derivatives and development of service offerings for Reyker. A face at most industry events, James is sure to provide insight into some of the most controversial topics in the market today.