Don’t let volatility disrupt your ISA

by Daniel Ormond
Don’t let volatility disrupt your ISA

Don’t let recent market volatility disrupt your investment options this ISA season. If you invest in Reyker’s new FTSE 100 Fixed Monthly Income Plan May 2018 you can secure an income of 0.3458% per month. This income will be paid regardless of the performance of the FTSE 100, which means that you do not need to worry about dividends that may be affected by any potential worsening in economic climate. Further, at maturity, provided the FTSE 100 has not fallen by more than 40% from its starting level your capital will be returned in full. This is unlike a fund or an individual share investment where you would be exposed in full to market movements.

This plan has been issued by Goldman Sachs International who are currently rated A+ by S&P. The plan is ISA eligible and by holding it within your ISA wrapper you will not be subject to income tax. It also offers the greatest fixed coupon compared with all other fixed income retail structured investments and better yet, your investment will be serviced by an award winning, personal client servicing team. 

All Reyker structured investments are subject to strict product governance and all are MiFID II and PRIIPs compliant. If you would like to know more, then feel free to contact our sales team on 020 7397 2590.

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