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Guides and resources to help you understand the different aspects of Reyker's business

At Reyker, we keep our business and service as straightfoward and clear as possible, therefore we believe that this methodology should also apply to the approach we take directly with our own clients. We have developed educational material to help make every day financial jargon clear and user friendly.

Whilst we would urge all retail clients to take professional financial advice prior to considering any investment, we welcome any client or IFA questions regarding educational material and welcome further suggestions of material which you may find useful or insightful.

Guides & Resources

When it comes to structured products, it is essential that you understand all the features of the plan as well as the risks you are taking by investing. Reyker has put together a set of guides to help make your investment decisions that little bit clearer. The guides are designed to act as an overview and specific plan features should be discussed in detail with your financial adviser.

Structured products often have simple aims to suit different investment objectives, but they involve some complex financial tools to help achieve them. This is a guide to understanding the basic mechanics behind your investment.

One of the most common features available for structured products, the Kick Out feature is not just a potential early maturity. Use this guide to understand why you might want to select a product with a Kick Out feature.

When assessing a potential investment in a structured product, it is important to understand how your capital will be protected, if at all. This guides explains the most common types of protection and how they work.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme is a compensation fund of last resort for retail investors. In relation to structured products, investors are only covered in certain circumstances, read the guide to find out more.

Structured products are made up of an underlying investment offered by a company (usually a bank). Read this guide to understand what risks you may be exposed to by investing.