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Please note that the prices detailed are indicative and do not represent live trading prices. These are prices provided to us by a daily feed from Bloomberg and updated by the counterparty. They represent the closing price of the plan for the previous trading day. Those plans not listed on Bloomberg will be updated on a monthly basis and will represent the closing price of the plan on the last trading day of the month. Note that all prices are subject to a bid/offer spread.

Please use the filter to narrow down your search, additionally, you can sort the prices by clicking the relevant column header. For example, you can view the prices in alphabetical order by clicking 'name'.

To calculate your plan value, multiply the number of units you hold - this can be located on your latest statement- by the Indicative Price.

Additional information can be found by double-clicking a plan.

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Reyker Phased Dual Index Kick Out Plan June 2016Societe GeneraleReyker Securities Plc Structured Products1.143720/06/202210/12/2017
Enhanced Inflation Linked 1BarclaysIncapital1.694920/11/201706/12/2017
Reyker Supertracker Select April 2015 – Europe Plan OptionRoyal Bank of CanadaReyker Financial Products1.013727/04/202110/12/2017
Reyker Dual Index Income Plan February 2017Credit Suisse 1.013524/03/202510/12/2017
Reyker Dual Index Income Plan May 2014Goldman SachsReyker Securities plc Structured Products1.003506/06/202010/12/2017
Reyker Dual Index Income Plan November 2015Goldman Sachs InternationalReyker Securities plc Structured Products0.984322/11/202110/12/2017
Reyker Protected FTSE 100 Growth Plan March 2014 - CallRoyal Bank of CanadaReyker Securities plc Structured Products1,031.840021/03/202010/12/2017
Reyker Dual Index Superstart Kick Out Plan June 2015Royal Bank of CanadaReyker Securities Plc Structured Products1.119922/06/202110/12/2017
Reyker Dual Index Defensive November 2014 (EUR)Credit SuisseReyker Securities Plc Structured Products1.286124/11/202010/12/2017
Reyker Double Digital Growth Plan July 2014Royal Bank of CanadaReyker Securities plc Structured Products1.232929/07/202010/12/2017
Reyker FTSE 100 Enhanced Growth Plan - June 2017Not RequiredReyker Securities Plc Structured Products0.949516/06/202310/12/2017
Reyker Dual Index Income Plan August 2015Goldman SachsReyker Securities plc Structured Products0.986613/08/202110/12/2017
Reyker FTSE 3.5 Year Defensive Digital June 2016Royal Bank of CanadaReyker Securities Plc Structured Products1.110123/12/201910/12/2017
Reyker FTSE 100 2, 4, 6 Super Defensive Kick Out Plan January 2017Credit Suisse 1.034723/01/202310/12/2017
Reyker European Supertracker Plan August 2014Credit SuisseReyker Securities plc Structured Products1.385115/08/202010/12/2017
Reyker Dual Index Income Plan December 2014Goldman SachsReyker Securities Plc Structured Products1.013516/12/202016/11/2017
Equity Income FTSE 100 8Morgan StanleyIncapital1.004829/01/201810/12/2017
Equity Income FTSE 100 10BarclaysIncapital1.023930/04/201810/12/2017
Protected Growth FTSE 100 6 CALLSantander UKIncapital1.238714/02/201810/12/2017
Reyker FTSE 100 Kick Out Plan March 2014Goldman SachsReyker Securities plc Structured Products1.218804/03/202010/12/2017
Reyker Dual Index Defensive Kick Out Plan September 2015Societe GeneraleReyker Securities plc Structured Products1.170018/09/202110/12/2017
Reyker FTSE 100 Monthly Income Accumulator Plan - February 2017Royal Bank of Canada 0.976921/02/202310/12/2017
Equity Income Plan FTSE 100 Series 11BarclaysIncapital1.042015/06/201810/12/2017
Reyker FTSE 100 Supertracker Kick Out Plan March 2017NatixisReyker Securities Plc Structured Products0.989924/03/202310/12/2017
Reyker FTSE Monthly Income Accumulator September 2016Royal Bank of CanadaReyker Securities Plc Structured Products0.959305/09/202210/12/2017