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Reyker AIM IHT Portfolio

The Reyker AIM IHT Portfolio is designed to provide investors with the opportunity to shield their investments from inheritance tax (IHT) by investing in carefully selected, high quality AIM companies, whilst achieving capital growth.

Why AIM?

For many investors, a key objective is maximising the value of their wealth that can be passed on to the next generation. Inheritance tax, which is currently charged at 40%, acts as a threat to this ambition.

The Reyker AIM IHT Portfolio invests into company shares which qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR).  Under current rules, if held for at least two years, BPR qualifying shares are exempt from IHT. After just two years your Reyker AIM IHT Portfolio can be sheltered from inheritance tax.

Why Reyker?

As well as being a safe and reliable custodian, we are an experienced investment manager who is used to managing client assets. We have never made a loss in 34 years of trading, which includes at least two recessions. We have a dedicated investment team that has over 40 years combined investment experience. We believe that the best approach to portfolio management is through team decisions, as this ensures that there is a clear rationale for each investment.

Unlike many discretionary managers, we have real people available to answer your queries. That includes questions about the portfolio, where our investment specialists are more than happy to talk to you. We commit to providing a professional and personal service.

Please note that this portfolio should be seen as a high risk investment designed to be held over the long term. All investors should be advised and fully understand the risks involved. Investors who are not comfortable with this should speak to their adviser or Reyker.



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