Real Assets UCITS Fund

Why you should invest

  1. Reliable & different source of income
  2. Diversification benefits
  3. Natural protection against inflation

Built to last

A specialist and diversified UCITS fund investing into dependable real asset linked investments

The fund targets a potential inflation beating growth and an income yield of at least 4%. The income can be received quarterly using an income share class or reinvested using an accumulation share class.

Benefits of real assets

Well built
& dependable
Essential &
Spread your wings
with real assets

The real
asset universe

  • Infrastructure
  • Property
  • Precious metals
  • Commodities
  • Energy assets
  • Forestry
  • Agricultural land
  • Loans & similar secured with physical assets

Key investment

Target income yield


Target growth

Outperformance of inflation (UK CPI)

Income frequency


SRRI score


Valuation & dealing

Daily at 12pm

Investment manager

Valu-Trac Investment Management Ltd

Investment advisor

Reyker Securities plc


Natwest Bank plc


Dickson Minto W S


Johnston Carmichael

Founder share class

0.5% management fee

Institutional share class

0.7% management fee

Retail share class

0.9% management fee