Real Assets

Real Asset Strategies 

When it comes to investment, good advice is to build a diversified portfolio of assets. These could include not only traditional equities and bonds but also real assets which offer a range of potential benefits including:

  • Inflation beating returns
  • Outperfomance of cash
  • Less correlation with traditional assets
Real assets for us mean tangible, physical assets such as property, commodities or infrastructure investments.

Traditionally this asset class has only been Accessible to large institutional investors, however Reyker has created a real asset solution for private clients which we have called the 'Real Asset Strategies'.

We have constructed a set of portfolios to give investors exposure to this asset class by investing in financial instruments that are linked to real assets. These managed strategies are promoted to financial advisers who may seek to use this solution as a part of a broader investment portfolio for their clients.

Reyker, the investment manager, has partnered with Clarmond, the strategy adviser, to build the Real Asset Strategies portfolios for investors. 

The Investment manager is Reyker Securities plc. As investment manager, Reyker takes full responsibilitiy for the day to day portfolio management and works with Clarmond to choose suitable investments. It will independently assess any recommendations provided to it by Clarmond and make decisions on the suitability of investments and allocations for the portfolio. 


Clarmond Wealth Ltd acts as the strategy adviser to Reyker and is a wealth management and investment advisory firm. They have a long history and expertise in finding and investing in real assets.

Clarmond will be continually sourcing real asset investment opportunities and assisting Reyker with undertaking due diligence on any prospective real asset investments.

Clarmond is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 610006).

The Reyker Real Asset Strategies are intended to be introduced and explained by FCA registered financial advisers who can consider all of the necessary factors to ensure suitable investments are chosen for investors.